Jo has helped a number of individuals, recreational exercisers and sports professionals..and even fellow massage professionals! Here's what just a few of them had to say about her massage services...

"Jo is a fantastic practitioner and has a calm,relaxed, professional manner. She massages at a level like no one else I know and leaves you feeling pummelled, yet invigorated. Jo has managed to solve a longstanding back problem for which I am extremely grateful. I would highly recommend Jo as a massage with Jo is a real treat." - Robert, January 2015

"I have over three decades of experience as an acupuncturist and massage therapist. I was suffering with considerable pain due a lower back problem that had after niggling for a while had become acute. Jo’s thorough diagnosis, healing hands and expert range of techniques and stretches left me much more comfortable after just one session, and further improved after a follow up. I was amazed to discover she had qualified relatively recently. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for an excellent therapist." - Mark, January 2014

"As an active and sporting couple in our 60's we have had more than our share of bumps, knocks, tweaks and tears and have tried quite a few different physios over the years. Jo's approach is ideal for us.

"She is effective, patient and very thorough, taking the time to explain what the problems are and how she is treating them. Whilst clearly well-trained and knowledgeable, Jo avoids medical jargon (unlike some others we have met) so her treatments make much more sense to us.

"The end result we have found to be most beneficial as we've both seen noticeable improvements enabling us to resume our activities quicker and with far less discomfort.

"We can both recommend Jo 100%." - December 2013

"As a regular runner a massage with Jo is great for loosening tight calves. The next day you feel like you have a new pair of legs! Highly recommended." - Lucy, November 2013

"I would definitely recommend Joanna’s massages to anyone, her massages are professional, friendly and she always pays particular attention to my individual needs. I always leave feeling relaxed and free of tension." - Emma, November 2013

"Being an extremely active person with running and horse riding everyday, the careful analysis of my aches and pains resulted in Jo being able to pinpoint where the issues were in order to relieve my symptoms of muscle tightness, lower back pain, and Achilles tendon issues. All done in the most enjoyable, approachable and relaxing way! Thanks Jo" - Lindsay, October 2013

"Jo came to our house to do sports massage on me and my husband several times in the course of her practical training. We found her very friendly and professional and the massage was great. We both work at a desk so we chose back, neck and shoulders massages each time and felt very relaxed and with much less tension in our shoulders as a result. I would fully recommend her to anyone considering booking a sports massage." - Becky, October 2013

"As a keen runner of 10ks and half marathons I know that a regular sports massag is a crucial component of my training programme. Having regular sports massages from Jo has significantly benefited my training and has been an important contribution towards achieving my performance targets." - Louise, October 2013