What to expect

We understand that if you're looking to book your first massage therapy treatment, or simply your first treatment with us, it can be a little unnerving not knowing what's going to happen. The goal of our therapies is to reduce stress, not add to it! So to help out any newcomers to our services, here's a rundown of how things typically go...

Before your massage
When you book your massage we will discuss your requirements and reasons for seeking massage therapy. This will allow us to get a little bit of history before the appointment, and ensures we're well-prepared to meet your needs when we see you.

Your massage

Please dress in comfortable clothes and, particularly if you are having a leg massage, you may wish to wear a pair of loose-fitting shorts.

Your first appointment will include a postural assessment to allow us to work out the best treatment for you. It will also allow us to monitor your progress as we bring your body back to its optimal functionality.

What it feels like

Sports and remedial massage uses deep tissue techniques to access the parts of muscles that are causing you discomfort. Great care is taken to ensure that you are comfortable with the pressure being used. Each person has their own sensitivity so we constantly ask for feedback during the treatment to make sure that we are working within your sensitivity.

After your massage
We will contact you after your massage to see how you are progressing, and will be able to answer any questions that you may have.