Services and Fees


  • Injury / rehabilitation
  • Maintenance
  • Pre- and post-event massage
  • Kinesiology Taping (the coloured taping you see on athletes)
Benefits include: Reducing swelling, help to control pain, can aid posture, can improve performance.
Kinesiology Taping comes either as part of another treatment, or in a dedicated session at a cost of £15 per 20-minute appointment.
  • Lava Shell massage
Lava Shells Sports Massage
Combining hot Lava Shells and cold Glacial Shells and their unique individual benefits to ease muscular strain and inflammation caused by injury. The heat will help to ease aches, pain and stiffness, while cold therapy provides relief from pain, reduces swelling and prevents inflammation. The differing degrees of temperature excite and invigorate the lymphatic system to assist accelerated healing and aid mobility. The massage can be used for all stages of concern, whether the injury is recent or an on-going ailment.

Lava Shells Rescue Massage (60 minutes)
A combined Lava Shell and Glacial Shell massage treatment to treat more general fitness muscle aches and
pains. The specific massage techniques target trigger points in muscles which can be responsible for tension
and referred pain. The treatment leaves you feeling invigorated, muscles are more relaxed and aches and
pains can be significantly reduced.

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One-hour massage: £40
Half-hour massage: £25

Personal visits outside of a 6-mile radius of Deddington, near Banbury, will incur an additional charge of £5.

Special deals are available as follows:


Book four one-hour massages up front for just £140 - a saving of £5 per massage.
Book four half-hour massages up front for only £88 - a saving of £3 per massage.

Ask about our loyalty card scheme, which gives regular visitors special deals.

Are you training for an event?
Book a massage and on proof of entry, we will donate £5 towards your sponsorship!

Refer a friend

If you refer a friend you will both receive 20% discount off your next massage.

Cancellation policy

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. No-shows will be charged full price.